Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions or professional issues regarding our services? If yes, then check the Frequently Asked Questions from our customers. If your questions were not asked before then just contact us at

You will have to wait. We will provide you the satisfactory answers in 24 hours.


What is

Dumps Official is a platform where the IT certification exam takers share their knowledge and the information is provided in the PDF files.

The important thing is that we do not sell, support or troubleshoot any software. Dumps Official is only an information sharing platform.

What Do You Sell Or Provide?

Dumps Official provides exam preparation materials in PDF format for different IT certification companies. If you want a complete list please visit:

What Kinds of Study Materials will be Provided?

Dumps Official provides actual questions and answers in PDF format that can be downloaded on any device.

Do You Provide Certification Or How I Will Get My Certification?

Dumps Official only provide you the material for the exams. You cannot be certified here. For this purpose you will have to visit the exam taking sites such as and

Which Certification Is Best For Me?

Dumps Official does not provide any expert advice’s in this regard. For this purpose we recommend you to visit some discussion forums.

Can I Pass Actual Certification Exam With Questions & Answers Product Only?

Certainly, yes. We are confident in our products and ensure you 100% success. We also offer money back guarantee that makes our product trustworthy.

How Long My Product will Remain Valid?

The validity of your product is 90 days after the purchase date.

Can I Try A Couple Of Questions Before I Purchase The Exam?

We provide a free demo for popular exams that can be downloaded from the product page. If you found any problem please write to us at


What Is 100% Guarantee?

Dumps Official ensures the customer for 100% success in the first attempt. If the users fail then the full payment would be sent back. Visit guarantee page for details.

For How Long My Product Will Remain Valid For Claiming Guarantee & Support?

It is valid for 90 days.

How Often Are Your Products Updated?

There is NO FIXED DATE due to some factors that can’t be controlled. But whenever there would be an update your success will be guaranteed.

Is Your Update Free?

Free updates are available for 90 days after purchase. After this, update period access can be extended for another 90 days at 50% discount to get free update and support.

How Do I Receive Free Updates?

Free updates are available after 90 days and you can “log in” to your account on our site to get updates.

Is It Possible To Extend Support & Guarantee After The License Expires?

Yes. For the renewal of your ‘expired license’ you would have to click on the “Renew” button in “Member Area”. It is available at 50% discount and valid for 90 days. In case of any problem please contact our support team.

Product Is Showing Lesser Number Of Questions Than Before?

When the product is updated the out dated questions are removed. Don’t worry, it means you would have to prepare less questions and get good result.


What Forms Of Payments You Accept?

Dumps Official accepts payments via all major Credit/Debit cards and PayPal.

Where Can I Download Product?

After login to your account at   you will see your order number and the download button. From there you can download the purchased product in no time.

Where Do I Find The Exam Questions?

Dumps Official is the right place to get accurate, up-to-date and verified exam questions with satisfactory answers.

Why My Payment is Different From the Bill?

Dumps Official uses US dollar system and has set real-time currency exchange rate as standard. So, there is a difference in payment from the bill due to conversion.

I Have Placed An Order, But When I Enter The User Center I Do Not See Any Active Products For Downloading, What Is The Problem?

Please check if you are logging into the correct account and your transaction was successful. If the issue is still there then contact our live chat or support team.

Why Am I Still Being Charging for 2$ Or 3$ After My Payment?

Check this, it might be the transaction fee of your bank. We do not charge any hidden or additional charges from the customers.


How Secure Is Your Website & Is My Credit Card Information Secure At Your Site?

Your information is 100% secure because we use enhanced security protocols by McAfee and SSL 64-Bit.

How Can Ensure My Credit Card Information Secure At Your Site?

We know that customer’s confidentiality is the most important thing thus, we have guaranteed its security by Credit Card Professor Global Collect, Moneybookers and Paypal. They assure secure online money transfer so your information cannot be seen or stored.

Do You Share or Sell Your Customer Information Database With Any Third Parties?

We have full secured system and we respect your privacy, so, your information is secured. You will receive e-mails only from us and if you want to be removed from e-mail list please inform us.


What Are “Operating System” & Other Requirements To Use Products?

Every system supports PDF format so don’t worry about the requirements.

Does Your Preparation Material Work with Guarantee?

All the Questions and Answers are newest and verified by professionals. If you can understand these then first attempt is enough to get certified.

Do You Have Any Discounts?

There are always some offers for popular exams and the information is available at our site, newsletter and social channels.

How Can I Get Discount?

Special discounts are available for popular exams and if you want more products you can contact a Team member for discounts on total invoice.

I Used The Product And Failed How Can I Ask For A Refund?

If you failed in the first attempt send us the PDF of your fail report at and refund form with proposed solution in short time. Our accounting department will propose the solution for you. You can claim refund or swap with other product.

What If I Find Any Problem Regarding Your Products?

It’s a rare chance but if you find any error please send us a screenshot and we will remove the error and provide you an updated product.

How can I report if I find error in any of the question or how do I respond to a question I have doubt over?

In this case send us an e-mail to include the exam code, screenshot of the questions you doubt with corrected answers. We appreciate your request and will respond you in a short time.


If I Can’t Login The User Center Or I Forget May Password, What Should I Do?

If you have filled everything correct and problem is still there then you can apply for the new password via e-mail. If it does not work please contact our live support and your password will be reset.

After Login, I Can’t Login My User Center, But Taken Back To The Homepage?

The problem might be with your browser and can be fixed by internet settings or changing the browser. If it doesn’t work please contact us anytime.

How do I open the product file?

The products are zipped so you can use WinZip or WinRAR to decompress the file by double clicking.